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Q. Do King Dick Tools offer a guarantee?

All King Dick products are built to last, we cover all of our products with a full replacement guarantee.

Time limits apply to wearing parts only, such as ratchet internals (1 year) and pliers (5 years).

Q. Do King Dick Tools Meet European DIN standards?

All King Dick Tools are made to meet and exceed the relevant European DIN standards.

Q. When was King Dick Tools founded?

Abingdon King Dick was founded in 1856 and is now an established manufacturer of quality engineering tools. Read more about our company and history. 

Q. Where can I purchase King Dick Tools?

King Dick Tools can be purchased from a number of retailers. 

Visit our supplier page to find a list of our UK and International suppliers

Q. Are King Dick Screwdrivers built to last?

All King Dick screwdrivers use high quality blades made from special steel, hardened to provide optimum performance. Blades are matt chrome plated with black tips, (black finish on VDE items).

The handles are anatomically designed to provide optimum pressure with minimal user fatigue, the SUPER 2000 range having soft and hard feel materials for extra comfort and torque. The handle shapes ensure excellent power transmission.

Q. Do you supply 1" square drive sockets?

1" SD Sockets are available from stock, and can be purchased with either a Chorme and Impact finish. 

Chrome Sockets are available in:       Impact Sockets are available in:

AF: 1 7/16" to 3 1/8"                                 AF: 3/4" to 3 5/8" 
Metric: 41mm to 80mm                           Metric: 19mm to 105mm
Whitworth: 13/16" to 2"                            Whitworth: 7/16" to 2" 

Q. What size Torx screwdrivers are available from King Dick Tools?

Torx screwdrivers are available in T8 - T50 (100 to 150mm blade length)

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