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King Dick Tools have an international reputation for quality, performance and reliability.

Within the manufacturing operation, demanding tolerances, tests and inspections are used at each and every process to ensure quality, continuity and consistency of production. This is what makes our British tools so strong and well known within the industry.

Starting with carefully selected raw materials, every element of the production procedure is stringently monitored to ensure that all King Dick Tools meet our rigid requirements for quality, and therefore, exceptional performance.

All King Dick Tools are made to meet and exceed the relevant European DIN standards. This way we know our British tools are made to exceed all expectations and get the job done properly.

King Dick products are covered by our full replacement guarantee. Time limits apply to items with wearing parts only, such as ratchet internals (1 year) and pliers (5 years).

Please note that these photographs are for illustration only, and the current production items may differ slightly from these as shown.