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Wrenches and Spanners


Wrenches and Spanners

Find a StockistAll King Dick wrenches, tools and spanners are made from forged blanks. The high-specification precision drop forging ensures a uniform steel grain structure which provides optimum strength.

The jaws are broached to size, using exacting tolerances for exceptional accuracy. The wrenches and spanners are ground and polished before being heat-treated within rigid controls for consistent and reliable strength.

The spanners and wrenches are polished again before the final process of computer controlled nickel chrome plating, for maximum resistance to corrosion and the high quality appearance of the King Dick spanners and wrenches.

King Dick wrenches and spanners are manufactured to exceed the torque requirement of the relevant DIN standards and offer increased safety for the user.

King Dick manufacture a number of different wrenches, including: open end wrenches, ring wrenches, combination wrenches, adjustable wrenches and more. 

King Dick also offer a number of wrench and spanner sets.

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