Chrome Accessories 3/4" SD

Chrome Accessories 3/4" SD

Chrome Accessories 3/4
Chrome Accessories 3/4

All King Dick sockets and accessories are
drop forged from high grade materials,
to precise tolerance.

Machined to exceptional accuracy within
strict controls before precise heat treatment,
King Dick sockets offer durable, reliable and lengthy service.

King Dick hand drive sockets and accessories
have polished and satin finish nickel-chrome plating
for optimum appearance and corrosion resistance.

Made to DIN 3123


Accessories Chrome Accessories 3/4" SD

Part Code Description Price D1 (mm) D2 (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g)  
USS 212 Accessories Universal Joint £73.29 N/A N/A 104 530
SNS 212 Accessories Jointed Nutspinner £82.73 N/A N/A 430 1708
SSD 212 Accessories Sliding T Bar £46.08 N/A N/A 430 1260
SAC 212 Accessories Converter 3/4" Female 1/2" Male £25.66 N/A N/A 58 180
SAC 216 Accessories Converter 3/4" Female 1" Male £43.21 N/A N/A 60 360
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