Industrial Torque

Industrial Range

Industrial Torque
Industrial Range

King Dick torque equipment is reliable, accurate
and made to cope with industry’s demanding requirement.

Guaranteed precise to within 4%, durability and
Consistency is paramount within these designs. Use
friendly, these wrenches feature clear scale markings
and easy to set operations with secure locking mechanisms.


Industrial Range Industrial Torque

Part Code Description Price D1 (mm) D2 (mm) Length (mm) Weight (g)
KD3AR Industrial Range 3/4SD 100-500Nm £743.67 N/A N/A 915 5200
KD4R Industrial Range 3/4SD 150-700Nm £791.07 N/A N/A 1090 6300
KD4AR Industrial Range 3/4SD 200-800Nm £797.84 N/A N/A 1140 6400
KD5R Industrial Range 3/4SD 300-1000Nm £810.03 N/A N/A 1470 7300
KD5AR Industrial Range 3/4SD 700-1500Nm £1,181.19 N/A N/A 1470 10400
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